Fusion Notes

What we do:

We buy and sell non-performing notes from banks and hedge funds on assets across the country, and work with individual investors to provide turnkey mortgage note opportunities.

Why work with Fusion Notes:

  • Investments tailored to fit your personal needs
    • One the wonderful aspects of notes is that you can tailor your investments to fit your own cash flow needs and risk profile
    • You can invest in notes that produce steady income, structure notes using partials receive your payments earlier, or invest in non-performing notes which may not produce an immediate income but have the potential for larger lump sum payouts
    • Investing in notes secured by real property can be a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio in a self-directed IRA or Solo 401(k) plan


  • We cut through the complexity of notes and can do all of the work for you
    • The notes market has some unique nuances and requires hiring special servicers and attorneys, and working with banks and hedge funds to source mortgage notes
    • Many working professionals and business owners don’t have time to navigate this market on their own
    • We manage the sourcing, purchasing and work-outs of investment grade notes for you so that you can gain attractive yields with no more work than would be required for other types of investments
    • We use a network of licensed vendors to properly source and manage note investments


  • An exceptional level of transparency
    • It is important that you have visibility into all aspects of your investments. We provide a user portal where you can review all of the documentation and activity related to your investment at any time
    • We provide regular reports on the status of your investment and are always available to answer any questions over the phone
    • This enables you to not only take advantage of note investing now, but provides you with a deeper level of understanding of how the industry works so that you can do note investments on your own in the future

What we do not do:

We do not broker notes. We are the primary buyer on all of our note purchases.